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Summer Enrichment

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Thank you for your interest in the ICCS SUMMER ENRICHMENT. This program provides students of all ages grade K-12 an opportunity to engage in programs focusing on academics, athletics, and employment over the summer.

We are thrilled to offer a variety of courses and camps to fill your child’s summer with growth, enrichment, and fun. We are always improving the quality of our school programs because we strive to minister to them in education.

We hope you will be a part of Summer Enrichment. There are many unique opportunities for students to enhance their God-given abilities, learn new skills, and meet new friends.

Explore What Summer Has To Offer In The City!

Summer School

Is as an option for public and private students who need to make up work to improve grades or recover lost credits. Our partnership with Engiunity online learning, we offer credit recovery courses during the summer months for students to complete from home or on campus.

If your child is already enrolled in a public or private school or you want to take advantage of the summer months to supplement your child’s education, ICCS has options for students from 6th to 12th grade.

Students complete short-term coursework in our lab, where there is an internet connection, with each semester course condensed in 9 weeks. The credit is to be awarded at the primary school’s discretion. All online courses are fully accredited by our Flordia virtual school partner Edginuity. If you are not currently enrolled as a student at Inner City Christian School, please be advised that prior to enrolling, students should first request approval from their school counselor, principal, or other authorized school official at their school of record. For assistance with choosing the right courses and enrollment, call the Admission Mentor Mrs.Tonya Ash 904-379-0464.

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City Core

Full year of credit courses for middle and high school students in advance, core and elective subjects. Perfect for homeschool students.

Credit Recovery

Flexibility and zero embarrassments our online courses empower students to catch up to their peers, recover lost credits, and graduate on time.

Jump Start

Supplement student’s education over the summer so they can start the next school year strong.

Grade Recovery

If the student has failed a grade or is lacking credit to graduate on time.

Summer Games

Basketball, Soccer and Cheer Camp. Basketball camp focuses on fundamentals including shooting techniques, defensive techniques, passing, ball handling, and rebounding. Soccer Camp will provide your child with foundations in skill development, discipline, and spiritual formation. Your student will experience one-on-one skill activities, daily scrimmaging, as well as individual coaching. Cheer camp focus on basic stunting, tumbling, and cheerleading techniques, while working as a team creating unique cheer routines.

Join the Summer AAU Travel Basketball Tea!

Summer Camp

Science & Cooking Camp, we will observe, touch, change, and alter things around us to discover what happens. God made an AMAZING world, and it is fascinating to explore the things He has given to us. Each day, we will focus on a different topic and a fun field trip at the end of the week.

Join us for a fun four days of creative cooking! We will be combining literature, math, and science with food. Kids will create some creative dishes and enjoy them during the camp! We will be fostering cooperation and creativity, and tasting some fantastic ‘home cooked.’

Food! Please email any allergies.

Summer Jobs

Showcase of Champions -ICCS Entrepreneur Academy encourages student entrepreneurship because not all students will go to college or the military. In an ever-changing economy, teaching students entrepreneurship is immensely valuable for alternative employment, as well as job and wealth creation. Some restrictions apply.

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