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Lower School


kindergarten kids friends arm around sitting and smilingChildren may be ready for Kindergarten when they begin to develop certain skills and exhibit behaviors that demonstrate their awareness and knowledge of their world. A child’s willingness to respond to questions, follow simple instructions and hold a conversation are skills the child will need in Kindergarten. Clues about physical readiness include the ability to walk, clap hands, stack blocks, draw, fasten buttons, and other fine motor skills.

In Kindergarten, the child will study counting, rhyming, recognizing letters and simple words, and drawing shapes and patterns. Parents can help the child by spending time reading to them and with them. Preparing your child for a lifetime of reading will pay big dividends throughout their educational life.

Grade 1- 5

In these critical years, the child will progress from sight recognition of a few simple words at the beginning of first grade to studying American history and writing essays in the fifth grade; from simple counting exercises in first grade to geometry, fractions, and probability in the fifth; from playing tag in first grade to learning about drug awareness and changes associated with puberty in the fifth.

Parents can best serve their children by keeping abreast of the curriculum and creating a home environment where learning can best take place. Learn about your child’s interests and areas they need help with.

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