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Looking for the Right School for Your Child?

Are you a parent who’s looking for a Christ-centered school where your child(ren) will be loved and challenged, rather than labelled and lost? Inner City Christian School is designed for all types of students, gifted and struggling alike. Here, students learn and grow in a nurturing environment through innovative teaching techniques.

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We’re a safe family-oriented campus with:
Individualized learning
Lots of individual attention
No boredom, no stress, no embarrassment
Extra-curriculars including sports, dance, music and more!

Now enrolling in all Programs from Kindergarten through Grade 12.

Openings for children 5 to 17 years old.

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“Imagine a place where your child is always greeted warmly and made to feel welcome with a parent-communication experience that keeps you informed and confident that your child has fallen in love with learning.”

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About Inner City Christian School

Inner City Christian School is designed for all types of students. We offer a safe, family-oriented campus, use innovative teaching strategies for each student, and provide extracurricular activities like Dancing/Cheering, Basketball, Audio, Visual, Music, and Entrepreneurship.

Our mission is to provide for our students a strong spiritual, academic, and physical foundation based on the Word of God. This ministry desires to work in harmony with the student’s home to ensure each child achieves his/her kingdom potential.

We use an individualized pace learning system, both paper-based and online. We are not number or letter grade driven. We teach to assure mastery in our students’ development both in the competitive marketplace and in the Kingdom of God. The curriculum is designed to identify and provide instructive learning using basic, advanced, and college preparatory level despite learning deficiencies.

Inner City Christian School operates under the authority, constitution, and by-laws of Inner City Christian Center, a plant church of ATCOM International Dr. Keva Cooper Hampton. We are a member of The League of Christian Schools In the accreditation renewal process with AdvancEd and The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The League of Christian schools has a long partnership to provide co-accreditation for our schools with AdvancED, NCA, NWAC, and SACS accreditation.

Inner City Christian School provides a comprehensive curriculum that will target the specific learning stage of each child on the campus.

Kinder Program

Children may be ready for Kindergarten when they begin to develop certain skills and exhibit behaviors that demonstrate their awareness and knowledge of their world. A child’s willingness to respond to questions, follow simple instructions and hold a conversation are skills the child will need in Kindergarten. Clues about physical readiness include the ability to walk, clap hands, stack blocks, draw, fasten buttons, and other fine motor skills.
In Kindergarten, the child will study counting, rhyming, recognizing letters and simple words, and drawing shapes and patterns. Parents can help the child by spending time reading to them and with them. Preparing your child for a lifetime of reading will pay big dividends throughout their educational life.

Elementary Program – Grades 1- 5

In these critical years, the child will progress from sight recognition of a few simple words at the beginning of first grade to studying American history and writing essays in the fifth grade; from simple counting exercises in first grade to geometry, fractions, and probability in the fifth; from playing tag in first grade to learning about drug awareness and changes associated with puberty in the fifth.

Middle School Program – Grades 6-8

As the complexity of learning material increases dramatically in these years, students are expected to have access to home computers and be more independent.

Upper/ High School Program – Grades 9-12

At this stage, students will engage more in extracurricular activities, make decisions on their electives, select colleges, and prepare for the state’s graduation requirements. As they continue to develop social relationships, they will learn further how to balance their lives socially, physically, and intellectually.

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